Weighted Blankets

The Weighted One's blankets are a natural way to reduce stress and improve sleep.  In a similar way to swaddling an infant.  Weight and pressure on childen and adults can provide comfort and relief.

How Does It  Work?

The weighted  blanket mould to your body and the pressure helps relax the nervous system.  When pressure is gently aplied to the body it stimualtes the production of serotonin (a neurotransmitter which lifts your mood.)  The weight of the blanket acts as a deep touch therapy as it acts on deep pressure touch receptors located all over the body.  when these receptors are stimulated, the body relaxes and feels more grounded and safte.  Clinical studies suggest that when deep pressur epoints are triggered that they actually cause an increase in serotonin production in the brain.  When serotonin naturally converts to melatonin, your body takes the cue to rest.

Weight is evenly distributed for optimal effect.  the blanket is made with separate compartments filled with polly pellets according to the weight required.  Poly pellets  make the blanket machine washable as the plastic does not absorb water.  It is also fully lined, sewn with nylon thread and can be made in 100% cotton, polly cotton or fleece (for winter).

Please note that each blanket is individually made for the person according to height and weight, you cannot just buy any weight blanket.


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